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Site Search 360 is an easy to implement search for any website or blog that wants to deliver a great search experience to their users.

So why do you need a better site search you’re wondering? Chances are the search you are currently using is either slow, ugly, or inaccurate. Most likely all of the above. Site Search 360 offers instant results as the user types his query. Your pages will be automatically crawled and you can influence the design to perfectly fit your site’s style.

Here’s how a customization can look like:


How much search matters for your site depends mostly on the content of your site.

Amount of Content

If it’s a one-pager search obviously is not of incredible value to your visitors as they can use the browser’s search functionality. Also if you have an informational site with just a handful of pages, you probably won’t need a great search. But once you have so much content that browsing the site just becomes too time consuming, a search will make you users’ lives easier.

Types of Contents

How much you benefit from the site search also depends on the type of content you offer. Say you have a blog where you review movies and music. In that case you could nicely structure the search results into those categories if somebody searches for “Batman” and you reviewed the movie and the soundtrack separately.

The more categories you have the more difficult for the user to find what he’s looking for. Site Search 360 therefore allows you to visually separate these content types. Now you

  1. let Site Search 360 index your domain,
  2. implement the few lines of JavaScript
  3. test the search and customize it until it perfectly fits your needs.

Just go to the site search homepage, enter your domain and follow the steps, you’ll be guided the entire way.

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